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As early as 1896 there was some talk about incorporating the town of Klemme, however, it was only talk and not much was done about following through and making the town officially incorporated.  Once again in 1897 the discussion of incorporating was debated on the streets and in the newspaper.  By December 1897 the subject was hardly mentioned in conservations.  The issue of incorporating wasn't discussed much during 1898 until September when Steven B. Day passed a subscription paper among the voters of Klemme.  He obtained 24 signatures on the petition to start the work of officially incorporating the town.




Steven B. Day
Frank M. Hanson
Frank Gruetzmacher
Henry Terhufen
John L. Harr
John Gruetzmacher
George S. Gates
William W. Lawrence
George Kluckhohn
George Ell
Chris Lau
Henry W. Gruetzmacher
George Gruetzmacher
Charles Gruetzmacher
Nels L. Palmer
G. A. Griswold
Fred J. Mundt
Henry E. Peitzke
Henry W. Schoper
Walter R.. Bloom
Edwin P. Dow
Abdon B. Schaefer
John J. Suckow Jr.
Elias P. Schaefer



A. C. Ripley and Mr. Kelly from Garner were engaged to draw up the incorporation papers and submit the matter to the District Court on September 29, 1898.  The court appointed John L. Harr, Steven B. Day, Henry W. Gruetzmacher, Frank Gruetzmacher and Walter R. Bloom to act as election commissioners to call a general election to vote on the question of incorporating.

Notices of the election were posted on October 3, 1898 in the Post Office, Peitzke Blacksmith Shop and Walter R. Bloom Elevator.  The election was held on October 25, 1898 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM at the school house.  There was a total of 84 votes cast in the election.  The result of the elections was 49 for incorporation and 35 against.


G. F. Barsalou - pastor of English Methodist Church
Henry W. Gruetzmacher - dealer in hardware, groceries and implements
Charles Gruetzmacher -  dealer in hardware, groceries and implements
William W. Laurence - tin smith for Gruetzmacher Brothers Hardware
John Gruetzmacher - employee of Gruetzmacher Brothers Hardware
George Gruetzmacher - employee of Gruetzmacher Brothers Hardware
Frank Gruetzmacher - harness and shoe store
George Bartholomew - assistant to Frank Gruetzmacher
Frank Hanson - employee of First National Bank
F. L. Bush - employee of First National Bank
F. A. Arnold - employee of First National Bank
August C. Lau - owner of north grain elevator
Henry C. Lau - employee at north grain elevator
Walt R. Bloom - owner of south grain elevator
F. W. Meyer - employee at south grain elevator
Henry Lau - Bee Hive General Store
Chris Lau - Bee Hive General Store
Martin Lau - Bee Hive General Store
Fred Ridder - Ridder Brothers Blacksmith and Shop
August Ridder - Ridder Brothers Blacksmith and Shop
George Kluckhohn - cafe
George Schroeder - Schroeder and Son Meat Market
Henry Schroeder - Schroeder and Son Meat Market
John L. Harr - druggist
Henry W. Schoper - implement dealer
Charles Velau - employee at implement dealer
William  Bachman - employee at implement dealer
Henry Terhfen - employee at implement dealer
Herman Peitzke - Peitzke Brothers Blacksmiths
Henry E. Peitzke - Peitzke Brothers Blacksmiths
Fred Mundt - wagon maker
William J. Mundt - wagon maker
G. A. Griswold - KLEMME TIMES editor
Alex Kirkwood - operated Klemme Hotel
Abdon B. Shafer - owner general store, postmaster
Edwin P. Dow - owner general store
John Baumgartner - barber
John Josten - photographer
Charles J. Kraus - blacksmith
Taalkeus Blank - railroad section foreman
Herman A. Richter - doctor
Alexander L. Spooner - doctor
Elias P. Schaefer - furniture store, funeral service
Nels Palmer - manager Northern Lumber Company
Oscar Carlson - livery stable
Mike Haskin - cream hauler
A. C. Wright - cream hauler
John J. Suckow - teacher
John Hamilton - mason and plaster
George Ell - mason
Jens P. Larsen - contractor and builder
Ed Remer - carpenter
John Zook - carpenter
Noah Shaw - carpenter
Ed A. Suckow - carpenter
August Schuettpelz - carpenter
Phillip Ell - drayman
Henry Schwartz - drayman
Hans Nissen - drayman
Sebastian Nissen - drayman
Fred Schwartz - tiler
Charles Suckow - painter
Joe Miller - painter
Lew Haefner - store clerk
S. B. Day
Julius Henschen
Charles Schroeder
William F. Stille
George Gates
H. Harvey
Amil Snyder
Fred Henschen
Jake Kaufman
Henman Henschen
Fred Ludeke
William Townsend
William Shoemaker
Rudolph Middlestead
August Martin
Chan R. Bartholomew
Dan Holland
Carl Pfund
John J. Stille
John Huckle



The results of the incorporation vote were presented in the District Court on November 15, 1898.  The court accepted the results and ordered the commissioners to call an election for the purpose of electing one mayor, one clerk, one treasurer and six councilmen.  The election notices were posted on December 28, 1898 in the John L. Harr Drug Store, Post Office, Gruetzmachers Brothers Store, Lewis Hafner's store and one at Frank Gruetzmachers Harness and Shoe store.

A caucus meeting was held the first week in January 1899 for the purpose of placing in nomination officers for the incorporated town of Klemme.  It was attended by 57 voters, who nominated the following for the CITIZENS ticket:  Henry Terhufen, mayor; Abdon B. Shafer, treasurer; Edwin P. Dow, clerk; Henry Gruetzmacher, George Kluckhohn, August Lau and Henry Peitzke, councilmen.  The PEOPLES ticket candidates were: George Bartholomew, mayor; Elias P. Schaefer, treasurer; John Gruetzmacher, Herman A. Richter, John L. Harr, Tom Blank, August Ridder, Walter Bloom and Frank Gruetzmacher, councilmen.

The election was held on January 11, 1899 at the school house.  There was a total of 68 votes cast in the election. 




Henry Terhufen - 63
William Mundt - 2


Abdon B. Shafer - 37
Frank M. Hanson - 29


Edwin P. Dow - 62
C. Bright - 1
Charles Velau - 1


John Suckow - 64
Henry Peitzke - 64
Henry Schoper - 63
August Lau - 61
George Kluckhohn - 51
Henry Gruetzmacher - 50
August Ridder - 12
Elias P. Schaefer - 3
Herman A. Richter - 2
Tom Blank - 2
John L. Harr - 1
Henry Schwartz  - 1
Joe Miller - 1
G. A. Griswold - 1



Henry Terhufen:  1899 - 1901
George L. Bartholomew:  1901 - 1902
August Lau:  1902 - 1903
Edwin P. Dow:  1903
Frank Gruetzmacher:  1907 - 1908
Henry C. Lau:  1908 - 1909
Nels L. Palmer:  1908 - 1909
Frank Gruetzmacher:  1909
August Lau:  1911
Ed G. Ell:  1914 - 1915
C. L. Yahnke:  1915 - 1917
Frank J. Wenck:  1917 - 1919
Frank Gruetzmacher:  1919 - 1921
Frank J. Wenck:  1921 - 1923
Frank Gruetzmacher:  1923 - 1927
Paul Grange:  1927 - 1931
J. E. Stille:  1931
J. E. Stille:  1933
Paul Gange 1937 -
Paul Grange:  1940
William C. Keraus:  1942
J. E. Stille:  1943
William C. Keraus:  1949
Virgil A. Cook:  1951
William C. Keraus:  1951
William C. Keraus  1953
William C. Keraus  1957
Wayne Buseman:  1961
William C. Keraus:  1963
Charles Butler:  1972 - 1973
Paul Watnum:  1975 - 1977
Danny Mau:  1980
Wayne Bruggeman:  1981
Tom Hollis:  1982 - 1983
Marion Arnold:  1985
Everett Guth:  1988
Ken Blank:





Abdon B. Shafer:   Dec 1889 - Dec 1890
Charles Gruetzmacher:   Dec 1890 - Jun 1893
Stephen B. Day:   Jun 1893 - May 1897
John Gruetzmacher:   May 1897 - Sep 1914
John W. Waterman:   Sep 1914 - Aug 1923
Emma A. Gibbs:   Aug 1923 - Mar 1931
Frank E. Gibbs:   Mar 1931 - Feb 1934
John N. Day; Acting  Postmaster:   Feb 1934 - Jun 1934
John N. Day;  Postmaster:   Jun 1934 - Jul 1947
Franklin G. Kluckhohn;  Acting Postmaster:   Jul 1947 - Jun 1949
Franklin G. Kluckhohn;  Postmaster:   Jun 1949 - Sep 1975
Willis E. Anderson;  Officer-In-Charge:   Sep 1975 - Jan 1976
Willis E. Anderson;  Postmaster:   Jan 1976 -Jul 1978
Janet G. Huisinga;  Officer-In-Charge:   Jul 1978 - Mar 1979
Janet G. Huisinga;  Postmaster:   Mar 1979 - *
Ricky A. Hawley;  Officer-In-Charge:   * - Jun 1986
Janice K. Pralle;  Officer-In-Charge:   Jun 1986 - Aug 1986
Ricky A. Hawley;  Postmaster:   Aug 1986 - Jun 2007
Lorissa K. Groom;  Officer-In-Charge:   Jun 2007 - Jun 2010
Lorissa K. Groom;  Postmaster:   Jun 2010 - Jan 2014
Cherie L. Boman;  Officer-In-Charge:   Jan 2014




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